Our Community

  1. Somerset's Photo Gallery

    Somerset's Photo Gallery

  2. Special Events

    Learn about events held in Somerset every year.

  3. Art Shows in Town Hall

    In the Council Meeting Room in the Town Hall, art shows are held from time to time. Please drop by the Town Hall to take a look!

  4. Helping Hand

    Find out about the Helping Hand program.

  5. Historic District

    Historic District in Somerset

  6. History

    Discover the history of Somerset.

  7. Location & Demographics

    Find information on the location and demographics that make up Somerset.

  8. Montgomery County Public Schools

    The Montgomery County Public Schools cluster for Somerset includes Somerset Elementary School (within the Town of Somerset), Westland Middle School and Bethesda Chevy Chase High School.

  9. Nearby Development

  10. Other Recreational Facilities

  11. Pool

    Read about the town pool. Our pool is only for residents of Town of Somerset and their guests. It is not open to residents that are outside of Town of Somerset.

  12. Traffic/Utility Reports

    Please click the following links to review reports relevant to activity within the Town of Somerset.

  13. Tree City

    We are a Tree City

  14. Utilities

  15. Wellness Activities

    Learn about wellness activities available around Somerset.