Snow & Leaf Removal

Leaf Collection & Removal

During the fall, the town collects leaves at the curb throughout leaf season. A street-by-street schedule is posted in the Town Journal and in regular email broadcasts. Parking is not allowed on a street when it is scheduled for leaf removal.

Leaves should not be placed in the street. Lawn services must be informed of this requirement. In addition, there should be no sticks, stones, bricks, or other dense or sharp debris since these materials damage machinery blades.

Residents who prefer to bag their leaves or dispose of them in a mulch pile in their yards are encouraged to do so. Leaves in paper bags or reusable containers will be picked up on Tuesdays by our trash company. Please place bags in your front yard near the curb. Plastic bags may not be used. Leaf burning is prohibited.

2016 Leaf Collection Schedule
Snow Removal
Residents who want or need help in removing snow from their driveways or walkways may make arrangements with contractors or young Somerset residents whose names are on the Odd Jobs Helper list kept at Town Hall. This list is mailed to residents annually as an insert in the Town Journal.

The town clears snow from town streets. The town also clears sidewalks if the snow is greater than two inches deep. If the snow is two inches or less, residents must clear the sidewalks next to their property.

Whenever possible, park cars off the street when snow is predicted so the plows can do their jobs. For your safety and that of your neighbors, make sure that fire hydrants are not buried under the snow and are visible.   

Sand in receptacles near the curb is for emergency use only on the streets, sidewalks, and driveways.