Posted on: August 18, 2017


Proposed Town Hall Work & Renovations

By Barbara Zeughauser, Council Member, Trent Street

At its September 5, 2017 meeting, the Council discussed the estimated project costs for the exterior maintenance work on the Town Hall as submitted by Lou Balodemas of Balodemas Architects. The Town Hall holds quite a bit of history for Somerset, and although we have made significant improvements to the first floor, the second floor and the exterior are in disrepair. There is concern for the safety of the building, both inside and outside.
EXTERIOR WORK: Although the exterior of the Town Hall has been painted over the years, much of the wood siding and trim is rotten and the building is in need of a new roof. In addition, the windows are beyond repair and should be replaced. Having carefully examined the building, Mr. Balodemas estimated that the cost of the exterior work would be roughly $135,000. There is $190,000 budgeted for this year for Town Hall maintenance/renovation.
INTERIOR WORK: The interior second floor concept plan was discussed at our June 5, 2017 Council meeting and the interior concept plans are available on our Town website and in the Town Hall for inspection. At the
upcoming October meeting, the Council will begin the discussion of bridging the exterior renovation with the interior renovation of the second floor. The total estimated project cost of the second floor renovation is $243,000. This includes reconstruction of the stairs to meet exit requirements from the second floor and new furnishings for both the upstairs and the main office on the first floor. PATH FORWARD: The total projected estimated cost of the interior and exterior projects is $378,000 (including design fees, furnishings, permits and a 10% contingency). 

While the two projects can each stand alone, should the Council vote to proceed at the October meeting with the exterior maintenance, and should the Council vote to proceed in the next few months with the interior work, the Town will bid out the two projects together to achieve economies of scale. The combined projects would begin in the spring of 2018 and be completed in the following fiscal year.

The Council is interested in hearing from the community. Please email your thoughts to the Council at council@townofsomerset.com and town@townofsomerset.com

To view the drawings:  Town Hall Floor Plans Demo and Town Hall Floor Plans