Stormwater Management Study

The Stormwater Study Committee was established by the Mayor, according to Section 13-1 of the Town of Somerset Code, on October 5, 2020 in order to define any problems associated with stormwater runoff in the Town, analyze the efficacy, costs, and benefits of possible solutions, and submit a report to the Mayor and Town Council. The Study Committee shall remain in existence until it submits its report to the Town Council, not to exceed one year, but may be continued by the Mayor with a revised charter.

Committee Charter

Committee Members

Ellen Globokar (Chair) Dorset Ave.
Julie Abrams Trent St.
Julie Greenberg Falstone Ave.
Haya Hakim Greystone St.
Jan Kaufman Trent St.
Susannah Goodman Cumberland Ave.
Michael Roark Dorset Ave.
Ed Schwartz Essex Ave.
Brian Smith Uppingham St.