Thrive Montgomery 2050

Thrive Montgomery 2050 is the update to the Montgomery County General Plan, first created in 1964. Periodically, the County's Planning Board presents updates to the General Plan, with are then presented to the County Council for adoption.

A copy of the proposed plan can be found online at:

Thrive Montgomery 2050 Planning Board draft

Further information and materials can be found on the Planning Board website, including an FAQ, Myths vs. Facts page, a project timeline, and other resources, at:

 Thrive Montgomery 2050 - Montgomery Planning 

Somerset Actions

The Somerset Council has drafted the below letter to be sent to the Planning Board and Montgomery County Council. This draft letter was presented at the November 8, 2021 Town forum, and is expected to be voted on at the beginning of the Council's November 15 Work Session

Draft letter to Planning Board & County Council

The Town of Somerset continues to hold public hearings to provide information and hear from residents.