What if I am in the Historic District of Somerset?
If your property is in the Somerset Historic District, please visit the website for Montgomery County’s Historic Preservation Commission at the link below and become familiar with the process. Town of Somerset strongly suggests that you set up a pre-permit meeting with the Town of Somerset before beginning the permit process with HPC and the County in order to avoid the possibility of having to return to them to apply for a revision. There may be a fee charged for this meeting. Contact the Town Manager to arrange such a meeting. Following your pre-permit meeting with Somerset, take your plans to the County Historic Preservation Office for further instructions. Once you are in their system, they will send your plans to the Local Advisory Panel (LAP). In Somerset, members of the town’s council are acting as the LAP. As such, council members will not be making a decision on the building permit. Once the Historic Commission approves the plans and issues the Historic Area Work Permit, they will forward the plans to the Montgomery County permitting office for their permit approval. Once you have both of the county permits, you apply for a Town of Somerset permit and put yourself on the schedule for a Town Council meeting where a decision will be made.Historic Website Link

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