Photo Gallery

Park Picture for Photo Gallery Page - Copy
Below is our Town's photo gallery which contains both historic & modern photos of our Town.

The Town of Somerset is a beautiful Town with a storied history. Much of the Town & its history has been documented by dedicated Somerset residents both past & present. These photos paint a picture of a Town that is dynamic, going through many changes but has come to be a safe, inclusive, & prosperous community. As you view the photos, each one has a caption explaining the photograph.
cp edit 4 for web Water and power for web
coopers.chickens.edited for web and small cabin for web
p.45.trolley.gate for web
Sledding Hill for web place.1902 for web
p.49.surrey.street.unpaved.1924 for web for web for web
p.57.Somerset School Operetta TOYLAND 1930 for web
Historic Halloween for web
Winter Horse for web for web for web for web
Somerset School Girls for web
Matt Bookman
Somerset Elementary School - Copy
Sharp Shinned Hawk - Photo by Jossien Josz
Fox Picture by Bruce Tully
Greystone Entrance for web
Greystone Gate for web