Federal, State, & County Officials

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Below you can find the names, links to websites, position held, & public phone numbers of Somerset's county, state, and federal levels.

Beyond Town officials there are multiple important governmental officials at the county, state, and federal levels that Somerset residents have a hand in electing & whose decisions can impact the community.

At the County level this includes:
At the State level this includes:
At the Federal level this includes:
Government Level & Website First Name Last Name Profession Phone
Federal Official Benjamin L. Cardin United States Senator (202) 224-4524
Federal Official Chris Van Hollen, Jr. United States Senator (202) 224-4654
Federal Official Jamie Raskin United States Representative (Maryland's 8th Congressional District) (202) 225-5341
State Official Wes Moore Governor (410) 974-3901
State Official Aruna Miller Lieutenant Governor (410) 974-2461
State Official Anthony G. Brown Attorney General (410) 576-6300
State Official Brooke E. Lierman Comptroller (410) 260-7801
State Official VACANT State Delegate (Maryland Legislative 16th District)
State Official Marc A. Korman State Delegate (Maryland Legislative 16th District) (410) 841-3949
State Official Sara N. Love State Senator (Maryland Legislative 16th District) (410) 841-3124
State Official Sarah S. Wolek State Delegate (Maryland Legislative 16th District) (410) 841-3642
County Official Marc B. Elrich County Executive (240) 777-2500
County Official Andrew Friedson County Councilmember (Montgomery County 1st District) / Council President (240) 777-7828
County Official Gabe Albornoz County Councilmember (Montgomery County At-Large) (240) 777-7959
County Official Evan Glass County Councilmember (Montgomery County At-Large) (240) 777-7966
County Official Will Jawando County Councilmember (Montgomery County At-Large) (240) 777-7811
County Official Laurie-Ann Sayles County Councilmember (Montgomery County At-Large) (240) 777-7964
County Official Marc. R Yamada Chief of Police (Montgomery Council Department of Police) (301) 279-8000
County Official Amy Daum 2nd District Commander (Montgomery County Department of Police) (240) 773-6700
County Level Corey Smedley Fire Chief (Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service) (240) 777-2486