Art Shows

The Town Hall is happy to host art shows in its meeting room to showcase the talents of Somerset artists!  Please stop by the Town Hall when you have the opportunity during normal business hours (Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm)! The art is curated by resident Barbra Zeughauser. If you would like to propose an exhibition, please submit this Art Agreement and submit it to the Town Hall.
Current Exhibit
Art ShowLandscapes of Discovery
Local Maryland artist, Nicholas Pyle, is often found perched on the sides of the C&O canal towpath sweating from sweltering summer heat, on the Maine coast defending himself from ravaging mosquitos, or on the snowy banks of the Potomac River with numb fingertips. He fights these trials and tribulations, paintbrush in hand, in the name of exploration and discovery.

Nicholas grew up in Cabin John, Maryland, a neighborhood bordering the Potomac River and a short walk from scenic views and woodsy trails. Summer vacations with his family were often spent up in their Maine cottage, inspiring a deep connection and passion for the outdoors and its abundant adventures.

More than just an act of creating, painting (landscapes in particular) is an act of discovery. Nicholas likes to compare it to opening a book. Every painting has its own set story before it is started. Like turning pages, each line and brushstroke uncovers the story. More than just a translation of an environment, paintings offer an intimate interpretation.

In this body of work, Nicholas explores the intimate beauty of our surroundings, hoping you look closer at the trees, rocks, and buildings you pass everyday.

Previous Exhibits
Lila SnowIn Memoriam - Lila Snow
An artist and Somerset resident, Lila Snow had many well received exhibitions of her art both at home and abroad. Her work is in permanent collections in Argentina, Italy, Japan and here in the United States at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American University Museum, Radford University, the University of Maryland, University College, and the Philadelphia Museum of Judaica. 

The Washington Post art critic Michael Welzenbach noted, "When a number of Lila Snow's wall constructions are on exhibit together, they give the impression of a miniature museum dedicated to the turbulent history of the 20th century as perceived through the artist's eyes." Nancy G. Heller said of Snow's work in Sculpture Magazine, "Her assemblages transform humble materials into objects of breathtaking beauty, often emotionally powerful and always intellectually stimulating."

Exhibition was from June to August 2023