Boards, Committees, & Councils

Somerset has a proud heritage of resident committees consisting of volunteers dating back to its founding with the first two committees, the Audit Committee and the Board of Supervisors of Elections, enshrined in the Town Charter. There are currently fifteen committees covering a variety of topics: Audit, Elections, Budget, Communications, Environment, Equity & Inclusion, History & Archives, Newcomers, Parks & Natural Resources, Pool, Public Safety, Revenue, Swim Team, Tennis, and Traffic. Each year the Mayor appoints Committee members subject to Council approval. They also appoint among themselves Council Liaison assignments so that a member of the Council is on each committee. The Council also agrees on assignments for other Town functions and external organizations.

2023 Assignments for Town Committees (The Committee Chair is listed first):

  1. Audit Committee: Hali Edison
  2. Board of Supervisors of Elections: Sherry Bindeman Kahn, Jim Berry, Kirsten Khanna, Greg Locraft, and Susan Puritz
  3. Budget Committee: Ann Bolten, Jon Medalia, and Meredith Wade
  4. Communications Committee: Leslie Caplan, John Barry, Cinzia Furlanetto, Ilene Heller, and Sloane Hurst
  5. Environment Committee: Barton Rubenstein, Ralph Wooden, David Kathan, Yogesh Rajkotia, Patty Friedman, Ivar Andersen
  6. Equity and Inclusion Committee: Atsuko Horiguchi, Fayez Choudhury, Kirsten Darling, Jill Herscot, David Sacks, Soching Tsai, and Clara Weiss
  7. History and Archives Committee: Paige Whitley, Patricia Barry, Donna Harmon, and David Kathan
  8. Newcomers Committee: Phyllis Wiesenfelder, Maya Hyman, Alan Kaplan, Kathryn Schwartz, and Ayasha Williams-Sharon
  9. Parks and Natural Resources Committee: Josh Rosenthal, Alan Dock, Dudley Fowlkes, Kelly Swain, Patty Freidman, Rob Hyman, and Semra Mesulam
  10. Pool Committee: Matt Zaft, Debbie Berger, Barbra Condos, Nate Hurst, Cathy Pickar, Alexis Ettinger, and Russell Green
  11. Public Safety Committee: Kumar Vaswani, Steve Friedman, Archana Gregersen, and George Wyeth.
  12. Revenue Committee: Nick Fox, John Barry, Kris Garin, Anne Hawkins, and Sloane Hurst
  13. Swim Team Committee: Dario Fuentes, Ann Bolten, Gayle Horn, Michael Roark, and Kelly Swain
  14. Tennis Commitee: Carrie Wofford, Matt Fink, Frank Joseph, Jim Losey, Abby Nolan, Steve Shapiro, Mary Barton-Dock, and Kathryn Williams
  15. Traffic Committee: Elizabeth Hurwit, Sherry Khanna, David Leibovitch, and Anne Yap.