Weekly Announcements & Upcoming Meetings

Passing of Doris Slavin

This past week, Mayor Jeffrey Slavin lost his mother Doris, who passed away at the age of 97 years and 11 months. Mayor Slavin said that, "She led an amazing life and was the model parent."

Please find Ms. Slavin's Memorial on the following page:

Doris Elaine Slavin Obituary - Washington, DC (dignitymemorial.com)

Donations in her memory can be made to:

The Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.)

Please keep Mayor Slavin and his family in your hearts as he mourns the loss of his mother.


Bulk Trash & Donation Pickups

Saturday, Sept. 16 - Monday, Sept. 18

The Town has scheduled its quarterly bulk trash and donation pickup opportunities for next weekend, starting Saturday, Sept. 16.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • Saturday, September 16: A Wider Circle donation collection*, and Donation Nation clothing collection**
  • Sunday, September 17: Donation Nation all other donation items collection**
  • Monday, September 18: Bulk Trash collection***

* A Wider Circle has limited space, so, residents wishing to donate with A Wider Circle must email (furnish@widercircle.org) or call (301-608-3504) in advance. 

** Donation Nation accepts clothing & linens, shoes, non-breakable items, furniture, and boxed goods.

*** Click HERE for a list of items accepted for bulk trash pickup.

Flu Shot Clinic

Thursday, Sept. 21

Somerset will host its annual Flu Shot Clinic at the Town Hall on Thursday, September 21. Please call or email Linda at the Town Hall at 301-657-3211 or Linda@townofsomerset.com to schedule a time.

Pool Update

As mentioned in the earlier pool announcement, this upcoming week will be much of the same as this week in terms of pool construction. Loud noises, due to demolition and removal of concrete, will continue the week of September 18. Unfortunately, the noise and disruption will be inevitable and unavoidable due to the nature of the work.

Demolition work is expected over the next two weeks. Following the removal of the concrete decking, American Pool will start removing the piping underneath the pool. It will be a noisy fall, but this work is crucial for ensuring the long-term functioning of the pool. In addition, work hours are still applicable to the contractor, so please let our office know if there are any violations of our town code, or work being performed outside of the regular hours. The Town has established a working group to oversee construction, monitor the progress of the project, and meet with the contractors on a regular basis to ensure that there are as few disruptions as possible, while completing the work in a timely manner. Councilmembers Kabir Kumar, Debbie Heller, Pool Committee Chair Matt Zaft, and myself are all in regular contact with American Pool and the project manager on their side. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us with questions or concerns regarding the project.

In addition, as mentioned last week, the path to the woods directly adjacent to the pool will remain closed throughout construction. There is another access point to the woods from the pool parking lot that will be unaffected by the construction work. Similarly, the Marnie Shaul trail to Friendship Heights remains accessible.

We will be working with American Pool to complete construction as safely and as efficiently as possible, with the aim of opening the pool without delay in 2024. Thank you in advance for your patience during construction, and your cooperation in helping the work continue as efficiently and safely as possible.

Traffic Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 20

The Traffic Committee will meet this upcoming Wednesday at 7:00 pm via Zoom. Agenda and log-in information are below.

Traffic Committee Meeting, 9/20/23: Agenda

1.    Approval of minutes of 8/23/23 meeting

2.    Update on relocation plan for lighted stop sign

3.    Updates on previous agenda items:

a.    Sign inventory

b.    Poor signage, especially for those turning left onto River, at Greystone/River intersection

c.     Stop sign obscured by foliage at Cumberland/Surrey

d.    Request for more information on placement of pylon at Dorset/Little Falls

e.    Effect of repaving on speed bumps in town

4.    Discussion/approval of letter to Town Council regarding policing program

5.    Next steps on advocating for photo enforcement of stop signs

6.    Other business

7.    Date for next meeting.

Youth Council

One item of note on the agenda for the Council work session, and which is anticipated to be introduced and adopted in October, is the formation of a Somerset Youth Council.

The Council has expressed interest in promoting civic engagement in our local government among the youth in Somerset, particularly in light of the recent Charter Amendment which lowers the voting age to 16 for municipal elections. To that end, the Council would like to follow some of our neighbors, including Takoma Park, the City of Rockville, College Park, and many other counties and municipalities throughout the state in forming a Somerset Youth Council.

The creation of the Town of Somerset Youth Council (YTC) would have three primary goals:

1)    Educate Somerset youth on the local government process through presentations by governmental officials, Q&As, and firsthand experience.

2)    Provide youth an opportunity to advocate for youth issues by advising the Council, planning and hosting events, and working with the Committees.

3)    Provide an opportunity for leadership and leadership growth in Somerset youth.

This pilot would operate from January 2024 to May 2024

Click ***HERE*** for the Council proposal. Resident feedback - especially among those who would be interested in serving in such a program - is most welcome.