Snow & Leaf Removal

Leaf Collection & Removal
The Town contracts with a local company, Wray Brothers Landscapes, which provides curbside leaf pickups throughout the Fall (roughly mid-October through mid-December. Exact dates vary depending on the weather and leaves). During this heavy leaf season, residents can simply rake their leaves to the curb, and Wray Brothers will come through the Town to pick them up. There is no set schedule - leaf pickup trucks come through the Town daily and prioritize areas that have accumulated leaf piles. Please do not rake leaves into the street or block sidewalks. Bagged leaves continue to be picked up throughout the season on Tuesdays as part of regular trash pickup. Gas-powered leaf blowers are not permitted.

Snow Removal
The Town is responsible for removing snow from sidewalks when it is two inches or more and for plowing the streets. Residents are urged to keep cars off the streets to facilitate plowing. Residents may make arrangements with private contractors or individuals for help clearing driveways or walkways. For your safety and that of your neighbors, make sure that fire hydrants are not buried under the snow and are visible. Sand in receptacles near the curb is for emergency use only on the streets, sidewalks, and driveways.